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Sexism in School - Your Experiences

   After a few group discussions we have decided to focus our time and energies on this most pressing of matters.

   Sexism affects us all and schools are meant to be safe spaces for everyone and yet the current statistics seem to paint a     very different picture.

  • Over a third (37%) of female students at mixed-sex schools have personally experienced some form of sexual harassment at school.

  • Almost a quarter (24%) of female students at mixed-sex schools have been subjected to unwanted physical touching of a sexual nature while at school.

  • 66% of female students and 37% of male students in mixed-sex sixth forms have experienced or witnessed the use of sexist language in school.

  • 64% of teachers in mixed-sex secondary schools hear sexist language in school on at least a weekly basis. Over a quarter of teachers (29%) report that sexist language is a daily occurrence.

   Stats taken from the national education union and Feminista research paper ‘Its just everywhere - sexism in schools’,           link below.


   Our aim is to start to collect data from young people in Trafford to build a better image of the problem, to hopefully         use while working with schools to help us prove the impact that Sexism in School has on pupils.

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