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About Trafford Youth Cabinet
Here to make the voice of young people heard loud and clear in Trafford.

Our members are aged between 11 and 18 and each member lives, works or studies in Trafford. We normally meet weekly in term time at 4.30pm every Wednesday at the Talkshop in Sale Waterside. Though with the current climate we are currently meeting weekly over Zoom.

The Trafford Youth Cabinet is currently being run by Gorse Hill Studios in conjunction with the youth voice team at Trafford Council.

The youth cabinet tries to ensure equal opportunity for ALL children and young people and does everything possible to ensure that any young person who wishes to be involved is able to do so. This may involve paying for child care costs, adaptations or special communication tools as required.

We're the Trafford Youth Cabinet, and we're your voice. Interested? Contact us to find out how you can get involved and have your say or click here to look at some reasons to join Trafford Youth Cabinet.



Hi I am Tom, I've been working with the youth cabinet since January 2020. 

I am a youth and community worker working at Gorse Hill Studios, I graduated 5 years ago and have since been working in Trafford within various roles. I have been interested in politics for as long as I can remember and only wish more young people shared that interest. 

My favourite thing about the youth cabinet has got to be the amazing young people who make up the cabinet, they are funny, smart, driven and make me feel like a proud parent.


Hi I'm Millie, and I'm one of your MYP's (Member of Youth Parliament) youth for Trafford. I'm 14 years old and my interests are debating and politics.


Hi I'm Freya! I'm one of Trafford's DMYP's (Deputy Member of Youth Parliament). I'm interested in feminism, Politics in general and history. I'm currently in year 9.


Hi, name is Adam and I'm 16 and I studying A-Levels in politics, English Language, History and Economics.
I've been in Youth Cabinet for about two and a half years and in the next year I will be focusing on campaigns around Mental Health as well as homelessness.

I would recommend Youth Cabinet as you get to have the conversations about politics with engaged and enlightened people and get to shape political education for young people in Trafford. We get to work with many other groups and get to make many great connections.

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