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Why Join Trafford Youth Cabinet 
We've outlined our reasons for joining below.


Trafford youth cabinet is a community where you can meet like minded people, before I joined I didn't meet people who really felt the same. It gives you so many opportunities, I would not have the job I have now if it wasn't for the youth cabinet.


So many different opportunities and a great chance to build your confidence.


Common misconceptions about the group is that we know loads about politics and parliament, but we come and we don't know much but we learn while we come to the group.
There are loads of views from different ages and backgrounds and you get a better understanding of the wider world, plus free food.


One of the things I like about the youth cabinet, in school and in other groups i feel like my voice isn't heard, but that's not the case here. You don't have to be politically minded, you could just be passionate about something.


It's where you can develop new knowledge, it's an amazing group of people you can learn from.


Only been here a few weeks and everyone is really nice, it's a good helpful group.


I think you get to meet people who aren't from your school, getting to know people from different schools who you might not meet normally.


It's all awesome!


Because there is a plethora of topics we cover, you learn about areas that you might not have known anything about. Mental health or the environment or any number of others. It also builds confidence and gives you a chance to learn about yourself and others.


If you want to help out your society and you don't know how it's a great place to start.


I think that's it important to be motivated and to meet people and to try and find solutions instead of focusing on the problems.

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